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Simple Hooded Sweatshirt (White on Navy Blue)


A hooded sweatshirt that is comfortable to wear and will protect you from the elements

A simple hooded sweatshirt that will match any outfit. This navy hooded sweatshirt is also comfortable to wear (and easy to zip). That is because the material is breathable and light, but it will keep you warm in slightly cooler temperatures weather. The hoodie features pockets that allow you to keep your hands warm. 

A Hoodie For the Sports Fan

Bold font letters made with a white cloth stitched across the hoodie's top portion to give it a bold look like a New York Yankees jacket. This sweatshirt is a good choice for a sports enthusiast or a sporty individual.

This is the perfect hoodie to wear when going for a brisk jog because of the hoodie's breathability. It is comfortable because it is not too tight and loose enough to give some airflow in its interior.

If you are in a rush, this hoodie will save you a lot of time -- no need to waste time buttoning buttons. The hoodie is easy to put on since the cuffs do not feel tight around your wrist. Just slide your arms in and zip it up! 

Durable Sweatshirt

Have you ever struggled with a malfunctioning zipper? Rest assured, the zipper on this hoodie will last for many years and does not get caught while zipping up. The zipper is made of metal, and the shape of the zipper is round. It is easy to zip-up with no hassle. The hood on this piece of wear will keep you protected from rain and shade you against the sun; flip it on when necessary. The strings around the hoodie allow you to tighten and loosen it for convenience. 

This New York Hoodie is a bold pick for the savvy.

Available in many sizes and colors at an affordable price. Click here if you prefer white on black or here if you like black on light-grey.

A simple hooded New York Sweatshirt in black with white clothed text.
A simple New York Hooded Sweatshirt in light grey with black clothed text.