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New York License Plate - Historic New York


A Brief Description of this New York License Plate

This is a custom New York State License plate, made of aluminum and ready to hang on your wall. Painted in Matte, this custom license plate has a smooth texture -- unlike its glossy counterpart, which tends to get smudgy after touching it. 

Famous icons, including the Statue of Liberty, protrude from the license plate's background. Gold lining surrounds the edges' end, highlighting the icons with a magnetic glow. 

A Timeless reminder in form of a New York License Plate

This New York License plate has a vintage look. The light brown background makes it look as if it is old parchment. The top right portion of the license plate reads "Statue of Liberty 1886," which hints that this license plate is for those who have an aptitude for history. In fact, the foundation of the Statue of Liberty took place that very year. 

There is a powerful message written on top of those words; if you pay close enough attention to the caption above those words, you can see a phrase scrawled in which reads, "Liberty Enlightening the World." This heartwarming message kindles a soft spot for the patriotic

The background consists of a worn-out American flag, giving the impression that America, the great, stands tall and proud against the test of time. 

This license plate bridges a connection between New Yorks Past and the present. It is as if the designer intricately placed a hidden timeline on this historic piece. For instance, the plate juxtaposes the older icons with the brand new Freedom Tower.

Purchase this timeless work of art and automobile identifier alike to commemorate the historic city of New York. This is also a great gift for the history enthusiast.

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