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New York Night Coffee Cup (11oz)


This is a New York Coffee cup painted in Beige Matte, giving it a smooth eggshell texture. The cup's interior is hollow and white and will hold your hot dark roast brew.  The New York Skyline is printed in glossy black on this beige background. Black and beige stars are present, giving off a hip and trendy New York night vibe. Let the aroma of your coffee and the design of the mug remind you of your pleasant experiences at the cafes of New York City.

This New York Coffee cup also features the Statue of Liberty. This is not your ordinary Statue of Liberty. It is an image of a female figure, perhaps a goddess, that takes the form of the famous statue at Ellis Island that symbolizes liberty and enlightenment. Similar to the Starbucks logo, the female figure gazes at you with an exotic look, welcoming you in her presence. 

The smooth rounded handle adds an accent to this coffee cup, giving a chic and elegant look. Drink your coffee in style with this New York Coffee Cup.

Place this mug along with your collection of souvenir mugs or place it on your office desk and let your mind wander as you look into this awesome mug.