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Ford Charger NYPD Pullback Car


A realistic Ford Charger NYPD Toy car that is durable

This is a cool toy for all age groups. So, if you are a toy car collector, a parent, or an avid fan of the NYPD, this car is the perfect gift for you. Kids will enjoy this toy car's features, and collectors will be satisfied by the look and design of the ford charger NYPD toy car.

This NYPD Toy car is one of a kind, designed to look like a modern NYPD police car. Made to look like the real thing, the paint on this car is glossy white with blue stripes across each car's side. The sides include a print of the famous "NYPD" letters and the police shield (logo). The car includes rearview mirrors, a realistically detailed interior, and a Ford Charger's sleek body.

Main Features

This car features a gearing mechanism that allows it to move in foreword propulsion after winding up the gears by pulling back on the surface. Also, you can open the front doors of the car. To top it off, the car features siren lights on its roof, in a "v" pattern, just like those found on real NYPD cars. These features allow your kids to open their imagination and have an enjoyable experience.

Made of metal, this toy car will not break on impact. The car is 4.5 inches in length, 2 inches in width, and 1.5 inches in height. It is perfect for those little hands.

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