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Statuette - Coppertone Statue of Liberty


This Statue of Liberty Statue hints at the true colors of the Statue

A replica Statue of Liberty statue in Coppertone. The Coppertone accent gives it a nice historic shine, as it once looked. Did you know the Statue of Liberty is made of bronze and, because of oxidation, the Statue of Liberty appears to be green? Oxidation is why copper objects, like the US penny, turn green after being exposed to water for a while. There was a time what the state of liberty glistened under the sun, and this Statue of Liberty statue in Coppertone color brings back its original luster. 

The detailed folding on Lady Liberty's robe gives it an authentic look and feel. The magnificent cloth gives the statue of liberty volume and a classical look -- imagine that the statue of liberty wore a dress instead; it would convey a different message! 

Includes all the details of the real Statue of Liberty

This Statue of Liberty statuette has all the features of the real thing. You can see its feet are wrapped around by an ancient sandle with all its toes sticking out. The lamp she boldly holds against the darkness of ignorance is the right color and shape.  

You can see the individual bricks on the base of the statue. A fancy scrawled "New York" text on the statute's base gives it a unique look. 

Sizes Vary

Small: 6 inches

Medium: 11 inches

Large: 15 inches