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Experience NYC's Financial District

While touring the financial district during the second week of February, we traversed across the cold, ice laden streets, under the rows of of colossal modern-eques corporate buildings and upscale residentials. Sloshing around the ice, we came across the artwork and vibes that tourists miss. We saw a vibrant and a diverse pallet of colors emphasizing love, equity, and beauty, contrasting with the starkness of the cold, lifeless winter scene. It was a warming sight in the desolate, narrow streets of the financial district of New York City.




To warm up – literally. We started our journey in the Oculus – A transit hub and a shopping center encased by glowing white metal-clad steel ribs. The curved structure symbolizes the releasing of the white dove of peace. We walked the adorned marbled floor tiling, window shopping for ideas and inspiration. The Oculus is angled in such a way, that a single beam of light can leave a powerful reminder of those who passed away on 9/11.


The street art depicts walking androids who appear to look confused. They are placed side by side at an angle tilting there heads forward as if in a walking motion. The caption reads “Almost There”-- giving directions to the empty steel bodies.
The Trinity Church – a mystical scene reminding us of the harrowing vibes of death and decay in a cold winter afternoon at the financial district.
Towering over the streets of the financial buildings, these lofty apartments oversee pedestrian traffic.


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Freedom Tower Statuette (Front View) Freedom Tower Statuette (Top View)  Empire State Building Statuette
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